SuperCube Series

SuperCubes are our best powered subwoofers and dollar for dollar the best powered subwoofers on the market. SuperCube subwoofers are astoundingly compact: the SuperCube 2000 is literally not much bigger than a toaster at a mere 10-1/4" cubed. Yet the subterranean bass depth, seismic power and instantaneous quickness of the SuperCubes will bring a level of realism that will remind you of far larger and costlier subwoofers. Professional installers specify SuperCube subwoofers for the finest systems and most demanding applications and listeners.

Definitive's elegant and ultra-compact SuperCube subwoofers deliver ultimate bass performance from beautiful enclosures that fit anywhere. They combine digital amplifiers with DSP, and beefy front-mounted subwoofer drivers which are tightly coupled to dual pressure coupled bass radiators.