Music Matters Event



KEF, AudioQuest, PrimaLuna, Qobuz,

European Audio Team


When: November 7th 6pm

Where: Sound World 3015 W. Wisconsin Ave, Appleton


In Today’s fast paced world our time has become a precious commodity. Articles flood our news feed, smart phones replace human interaction and between all the daily obligations we face, we struggle to wait in line at our local cafe for a cup of coffee much less devote time to our hobbies and passions. The byproduct of our haste is a loss in perspective, and it becomes all to easy to forget the very things that bring us joy. It is for this reason Sound World is here to remind you why music matters.

Music has the ability to lift us up and move us in ways that literal meaning can’t. Music brings back memories of time forgotten, allows us to lose ourselves for a moment and forget our worries and stress, and brings people and family together. Its time to blow the dust off those LP’s you’ve had since the 70’s, download that streaming app, unearth a CD and make time to share the music thats most important to you.

On November 7th Sound World is hosting a Music Matters event to help you bring a little music back into your life. We’re glad to announce some fantastic partners for this event. Joining us will be Johan Coorg (KEF Brand Ambassador), Tom Rodgers (KEF Regional Manager), Rick Blair (Audioquest Regional Manager) and Brian Tucker (Primaluna/EAT). We will be showcasing KEF’s Legendary award winning loudspeakers along with Primaluna amplifiers, European Audio Team turntables, and Audioquest cables/accessories. Refreshment will be provided and enter to win for prizes from these fantastic brands. Mark you’re calendars, and we’ll see you November 7th.